Monday, March 24, 2008

From Old San Juan

Most recent glider CTD data is on the right side of the above image. Temperatures look to be about 12 C or less. We are getting too cold. We are looking for the 15C water in the ring. We are approaching from the southeast, and the band of cold shelf water has wrapped around the eastern side of the ring. It is very clear in the next satellite shot.

Last good SST image of the targetted Warm Core Ring for RU15. Perfectly round, centered at 39 30 N, 63 39 W. A safe spot in the middle of the slope sea. Southern edge of ring is about 39 N. RU15 is getting close. We'll need to change a waypoint soon. Also look on the northwest side of the ring. That warm filament is heading northeast, towards Halifax. That warm filament is our next target. Need to think a few shoots ahead here. Just like that game Dave Martin showed us at the Pioneer Bar in Anchorage.

Here are the current speeds. Slowed down to about 20 cm/sec. Now we can fly where we want.

Here is the present location, and the small current velocity vectors. We are currently at 39 o4 N, 62 37 W. We'll need to change the waypoint sometime soon, like anytime between tonight and tuesday morning. Exact timing doesn't matter so much because of the slow current speeds. Someone can do this when they are rested. A good place to head will be along the southern side of the ring, towards 39 30 N, 64 00 W. The stronger currents are inside the ring, in the orange in the SST map which is about 18C.
If we head to this point, the strong currents will sweep us around to the west along the southern side of the ring. Could be fun.

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