Monday, March 31, 2008

A successful weekend

Ru15 is rounding the southern side of the warm core ring. The new waypoint and the swirl velocity will start swinging it around the western side today.
Velocities are staying low, around 50-60 cm/sec.

Temperatures remain around 15C. We are staying on the outer side of the radius of maximum velocity in the ring. We should be able to pull ourselves out this time around.
Still no satellite imagery, so we will fly by the temperature and swirl velocity record. Keep the temperatures decreasing, the swirl velocity decreasing as we head to the north. Our present set of waypoints is based on the position of the ring on March 28, about 3 days ago. Rings propagate to the west, a few kilometers a day. Assuming a relatively fast speed of 5 km/day, we may be adjusting our waypoints 15-20 km to the west over the next day or so as we move up the western side of the ring.

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