Monday, April 21, 2008

Progress Along the Halifax Line

RU15 made fine progress along the Halifax Line over the weekend. We are now 95 km from HL2. The SST image again highlights the advantages of an approach from the southeast. We are in the warmer water, that appears to head towards shore along this line and on the upshelf side. On the downshelf side of the Halifax Line, colder water appears to be heading south, against the direction we would want to head.

Currents remain low, 5 to 20 cm/sec.
Following Temperature and Salinity Sections are along the short piece of the transect indicated by the green (start) and red (stop) dots. We are crossing over the bank, and will be crossing back down the shoreward side as the day goes on today.

Above temperature section starts on the offshore side of the Halifax Line near HL4 (green dot above) and heads in towards shore. Nearly 70 km has been sampled. Three clear layers. A warm surface layer (5C), cold middle layer (3C), and warmer bottom layer (6C). As usual, plenty of fine scale structure for the modelers to average out. The location of the bottom showing the bank is indicated by the black color filled area at the bottom of the plots.

Salinty is also three layers, surface (32.2), middle (32.6) and bottom (33.4).

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