Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Quiet night on the Scotian Shelf

RU15 was successfully retasked to fly to the northeast, heading for the relatively warm and clear waters identified yesterday.
Currents are low, and not terribly different from the forecast we found.
A test version put together over the weekend is above.
You need to load it and something like double click on it to get it to zoom in to the "curly" vector forecast currents. Based on where the glider is now, the forecast says currents are to the southeast and low. The glider is reporting low currents more to the south. This could end up being a very useful tool with comparisons in this general agreement. We'll work more on this forecast product visualization on monday. It also sounds like Marlon is finding some relevant Canadian forecasts we can start looking at.

We are back to full water column sampling. The above section starts when we left the Gulf Stream Ring and started crossing the slope water. Most recent data is on the right. Surface temperatures are running about 2C. We want to head northeast into the water with 4C surface temperatures. RU15 has been on quite a journey. In the Gulf Stream we were looking at the differences between 22C in the Stream, 18C in the ring, and now we care about 2C versus 4C.

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