Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Route to the Shelf Break

RU15 has looped around the western side of that eddy, and is now heading to the east along its northern side. Satellite imagery from today and yesterday is cloudy, so we can fly based on the image from April 3.
Here is a zoom in on the April 3 Gulf Stream image. The centers of the southern eddy and the northern eddy are labeled. The proposed route is to continue westward along the top of the southern eddy, jumping out on the northeast corner. We then follow the cold water up to the northeast towards the northern eddy. We use the western side of the northern eddy for the boost up to the shelf break.

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Unknown said...

This looks easy as pie! It will be interesting to see if the eddy-to-eddy handoff works.

Hoping to get some color imagery, too -- bloom time up here, we think!