Thursday, April 3, 2008

RU15 enters the small eddy

RU15 is in the cold water looping around the western side of this clockwise circulating eddy centered near 41 N, 64 W. SSTs are about 5-7 C
Currents in the eddy have inceased to about 25 cm/sec. The direction is to the northwest. The glider flies at about 25 cm/sec, so we are doubling our speed over the ground.

New temperatures near the surface on the right a blue, so 6 to 8 C range.

Today's objective is to loop around the west and north of this ring, and shoot out on the northeast side, continuing northeast in the cold water to the next eddy assist.


Unknown said...

Lots of interest here! Ryan Mulligan, one of our Ph.D. students, would like to point to his wave forecasts for the North Atlantic and Scotian Shelf - things look somewhat hairy now, with 3-4 m seas (that's 10-13 feet or for us Yanks).


Scott said...

Marlon & Ryan:
Thanks - we are especially interested in the waves and what to expect during glider recoveries. For us yanks, if we get 10-13 ft waves, we just wait a couple of days until everything calms down.
If the waves are too big, you risk slamming the boat into the glider and loosing it.

We'll be watching Ryan's wave forecasts. Someday we'll have accelerometers on the gliders and we'll be able to report the observed wave heights back to Ryan for model validation. Maybe the spring run with next year's class.

Thanks again.