Saturday, May 3, 2008

Recovery Photos

Shortly after the last blog entry, we had some surprizing news from RU15. On one of its descents, it looks like the buoyancy pump got stuck. RU15 was descending, and went below our normal working depth of 100 m.
Realizing it was approaching is maximum depth of 200 m, and it wasn't making any progress with moving its buoyancy pump, the robot decided to jetison its safety weight, and make an emergency ascent. When RU15 got the surface it phoned home and told us what happened. it would now remain on the surface and await recovery.

Scott McLean and crew had the Divecom III standing by for a pickup. The the recovery team was assembled, leaving early monday morning, April 28.

First sighting of RU15 since its deployment on March 7. What a great feeling to get that phone call over the Iridium sat phone that the glider is in sight.

RU15 off Halifax. 53 days and 2600 km after deployment in New Jersey.

Scott McLean hooks the glider tail with Marlon's glider catcher.

Once the glider is in the recovery cart, everyone pulls.

Crew and robot are all safe on board. Two thumbs up!

Our favorite call on the sat phone - "The bear is in the igloo!"

Thanks to the fantastic crew in Halifax.
You brought this first I-COOL mission to a successful completion.

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